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One of our clients asked us to help them with a utility problem.  They were spending a small fortune having full water network designs done.  Whilst the proportion of their quotes being accepted was high, they were wasting money on full designs, some of which were never used.  They needed to give their clients an accurate costing for water networks on their new developments. However they did not have the time or expertise to do this themselves and did not want the cost of approaching the local water company for a design.   We created a process to carry out outline water designs for them, giving them an efficient service and saving them a significant amount both in terms of reduced design cost and giving them the opportunity to give their clients much more accurate quotations for multi utility installations

This means we can offer you an outline water network design service too.  We calculate the water demand, size the mains network and any large services.  You receive a schedule to use for accurate costing and estimating plus a CAD drawing of the proposed network.

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