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With a portfolio of design work including major development schemes across the country, GasDesign has designed many sites (over 20,000 actually!) including:

Large infill project for existing village in Cambridgeshire including 1500 existing houses, several new build developments, hospital, schools and commercial estates.
  • 7 bar I/P (intermediate pressure) cross country feeder main to national airport development scheme.
  • 3,000 house new development in Hertfordshire.
  • 1,500 new house development  in South Wales.
  • 10,000 house new township in Cambridgeshire.
  • New film studio development with stage lots, hotels and accommodation.
  • Greenhouse development of over 1000 hectares 
  • Science and Industrial Parks 
  • Former RAF base converted from LPG to natural gas including design for existing houses, new development on site and conversion of hangers to commercial use.
  • City centre redevelopment schemes in three UK cities
  • A huge number of smaller domestic and industrial developments.
  • LPG networks for developments remote from existing gas mains.
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